DE-SIS Features


Leave the old days behind of maintaining bulky files for each individual student with the DE-SIS admission module. The admission module manages all documents with in itself and can be reviewed anytime in future.

Online Fees Collection

The system provides with online fees payment for the ease of guardians. Fees can also be paid using QR Code. Thus enabling schools to collect fees more effectively. Along with this a notification can also be sent to the guardians.


Managing daily attendance could be a hefty job while making term end reports, now to overcome this DE-SIS facilitates the organization to take and manage attendance with their hand held smartphones. The system generates clear statistical report regarding every student.

Staff Management

DE-SIS enables the organization to completely manage their employed staff within the application. Staff attendance, salaries and other expenses can be tracked.

Text Notifications

Teachers & other staff members can send text notifications in the form of SMS or Push-Notifications directly to guardians mobile phone through application. This will bring teachers in direct contact with guardians.

Live Route Tracking

DE-SIS also facilitates the guardians and school administrators to track the location of school bus in real time. Which in return will give guardians a sound of relief.


Monitoring examinations is a tough job too. The DE-SIS Examination module helps the oraganization to manage complete examinations and populate students Grades to their guardians over their phone.

Assignments & Home work

DE-SIS enables teachers to give students assignments and home work through the mobile app. So, if some student doesn't notes down the home work, then he/she can review the given task at home through their guardians phone.

ID Cards, Report Cards, Stationary Printing, etc.

In addition the software enables users to use data directly for printing ID Cards, Report Cards, Book Labels, Library Cards, Coupons, News Letters, Post Cards. This feature comes very handy under several circumstances and aids the user for comfortable workflow.

Online & Offline Synchronization

DE-SIS offers a very effective data synchronization solution which makes your data available at almost anyplace and at anytime with utmost security. The data to be syncronized can further be customized by user itself.

Data Backup

The software facilitates the organization with Data Backup to make data secure in case of calamities. The data backup system can be either set to automatic or can be used manually. The backed up data is available in several forms e.g. excel, SQL, PDF, jSON, etc.

Event Scheduling

The oraganization can setup their whole annual programs and holidays at the starting of the academic year by using DE-SIS Event Manager module. The administrator can schedule meetings, programs, holidays, and events for the targeted audience including students, faculty and parents.

Profile Management

Profile management enables students/administrators to update their information with respect to time. This information can be made available for authorised users as per their role within oraganization.

Manage Library

DE-SIS enables organization in managing library inventory and book distribution. The books availabilty status can be seen through loging on to sytem with their authorised accounts.