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travel track

Keep an eye over students route towards school, by tracking real time location of school bus through mobile...

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@ ₹1 /day/student

online payment

Easy fee payment for guardians, pay fees online just by scaning QR code or directly through internet banking.

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@ ₹1 /day/student

Examinations & Grades

Easily monitor examination schedules and results along with ready to print assessment reports.

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Manage Library

DE-SIS enables organization in managing library inventory and book distribution. The books availabilty...

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our modules

A short glimpse towards some of the features covered within our software


You will definetely forget the bulky registers used for attendance with our attendance software


Easily manage students fees records with, within the software accounts manager


Manage examinations more conviniently directly through the application

Profile Management

Students & staff members can manage and update their profile at anytime


Examinations results can be uploded in the software and can further be shown directly via mobile app

Event Scheduling

Built your own annual program right from the first day of academic year


Manage book distribution and library inventory from the application itself


Easily manage staff schedules, attendance, pay cheque's, etc.


Track school bus routes and current locations of school bus via GPS

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As a leading provider of education services we are confident that we have what it takes to exceed your expectations

Easy to use

Get started quickly with easy to setup and simple to use installer with interactive pictorial interface.

our support

With a clear and innovative approach, our experienced professionals will personalise our...

Quality & Professionalism

Having high aptitude professionals varying from Software Engineers to Graphic Designers. The highly empowered team is behind each of the quality solutions that are provided to clients. Professional approach and dedicated team spirit serves as motivational ground for professional and personal growth. Our core competence lies in repeatedly demonstrating the ability to win and execute global projects against stiff and tough competition.

Future Proof

Frequent software updates with latest features and on demand customization.

Highly scalable

Our application is scalable to be isntalled on almost any device with any platform.